Harrachov 156


Summer and leisure time

If you visit Harrachov in summer, you have many possibilies how to spend your time. There are rental services for bikes, tennis courts and tennis schools, minigolf playgrounds, bungee jumping, summer bathing pool and since 1999 also Golf club Harrachov in the town part called "Mýtiny".

Except these sports may visitors of Harrachov do mountain walking or in nowadays very popular rafting on river Jizera. For this kind of sport is best spring time, when is enought water in the river-basin from snow thawing.

The bobsleigh track is a sport and leisure facility designed for active use of free time. The specially designed sleds with effective braking mechanism allow everyone to choose optimum speed and driving style.

On the top of "Čertově hora" is takeof place for roggalo wings and paragliding-parachutes. For climbers there are only "Lubošské skály" near Harrachov. Better place for this kind of sport is "Český ráj", which is nearly 50km far from Harrachov or in "Suché skaly" at town Železný Brod – nearly 40km far from Harrachov.

From spring to autumn is open chair-lift Harrachov – Čertova hora, in booth directions. Bikes are transported free. Top of "Čertova hora" is very good start point for touristic mountain walking or bike riding on traces around the ridges of Giant Mountains.

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